My first ever group coaching program!
4 Weeks to a memory beyond your wildest imagination!
ONLY 50 SPOTS!!!! 16 Already SOLD in 2 days!

You will decide what I teach in the coaching. Your questions of what is important to YOU will decide the content. Your questions WILL BE ANSWERED!

Session #1 Monday Nov 30th 7pm CST (8pm ET)

Session #2 Monday Dec 7th 7pm CST (8pm ET)

Session #3 Monday Dec 14th 7pm CST (8pm ET)

Session #4 Monday Dec 21 7pm CST (8pm ET)

$1297 regular. For next 34 people ONLY $497 for 4 sessions!!!

Enroll NOW only $497

  • 4 weekly coaching webinar - You'll be walked through my memory program in 4 consecutive weeks. 
  • Group coaching - You will be in a small group of no more than 50 facilitated by me (Ron White)
  • Coaching is recorded - Everything will be recorded if you miss a coaching session or if you just want to review
  • Private Facebook Group - Ask any memory questions. Lifetime access
  • Be coached by a CHAMP!! - 2 Time USA Memory Champion
  • Be coached by a Stan Lee Superhuman - Was on show Superhumans and will share with you how I beat a computer on show
  • Include your family - Have your kids or spouse on the coaching webinars with you. Anyone who can benefit you can include
  • Ask me questions - You can email me questions before hand or ask on the webinar
  • Remember names and faces - Build relationships by remembering names. Never be forgetful again
  • Give speeches without notes - Become a confident speaker speaking without notes
  • Memorize chapters of books - learn anything faster
  • Reduce stress - there is nothing worse than stress trying to learn something
  • Double your reading speed - Speed reading secrets to read faster and learn quicker
  • Memorize foreign languages - travel easier when you speak the language
  • Be the cool/fun one at parties with amazing memory tricks - Learn to memorize a deck of cards or #s in a flash
  • Memorize chapters of books - remember what you read
  • Memorize verses or poems easily - memorize key verses, poems or quotes that are important to you
  • Routinely recall 100 digit numbers - Memorize #s for tests, product knowledge or anything at all
  • Develop a quick, sharp, healthy brain as you age - Get old without losing your mind
  • Memorize scripts - Remember lines for acting or scripts for sales presenations
  • BONUS GIFT #1 - My How to Memorize Names ebook with 1600 names turned into pictures for you! $47 value
  • Bonus GIFT #2 - Ebook - How to Surmise and Memorize Like Sherlock Holmes $27 value
  • BONUS GIFT #3 - Ebook Brain Foods, Eat Your Way to a Healthy Memory $27 value
  • BONUS GIFT #4 - Ebook Vitamins for the Mind, Supplements for the Brain $27 vale 
  • BONUS GIFT #5- 100 Spanish Verbs turned into pictures to memorize easily $47 vale
  • BONUS GIFT #6 - LIFE TIME access to private Facebook group for memory discussion/questions $197 value
  • TOTAL THESE UP = $373 in Bonus GIFTS!

LIMITED TIME! Only $497 for next 34 people. Enroll now!

4 Consecutive Monday evenings starting Nov 30- Dec 21

Don't forget!

- Lifetime access to ask questions in Facebook group

- Your kids, friends and family can ask questions and join you on the sessions

- All calls will be recorded and yours forever

- Your questions will decide what I teach!

- Bring your questions!

- Get smarter before the New Year starts!!!!

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